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All my attention is on yowapeda, and bunnies. Also some other things too.


I hope you had fun during your visit~

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✧One day there will be a bunch of pretty shooting stars✧


hakogaku at weddings:

  • arakita crying loudly. and then screaming nO i’M NOT CRYIng fUck yOU it’s just REALLY HOT IN HERE and going back to pretending like his face isnt red and blotchy from the tears
  • shinkai standing dignified to the side, smiling and looking every bit like a proud dad/big brother
  • izumida openly weeping from joy, he’d also be the kind to wish the couple happiness every chance he gets (“andy and frank are so happy for you”)
  • fukutomi standing still throughout the wedding. so still in fact you could almost miss the tears streaming silently down his face
  • ashikiba tries to play the piano at the reception only to find that he doesn’t fit in the seat
  • manami is nowhere to be found
  • kuroda’s just /there/, awkwardly patting izumida on the back and trying to ignore the sounds of his favorite senpai blowing his nose noisily
  • where’s toudou you ask??? toudou is at the altar. toudou’s the best man and maid of honor. it’s toudou’s wedding and he’s getting married to himself
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